360° panorama's quality


Quality criteria for 360 ° panorama - name and description

If you did not find a good name for your panorama and did not add a meaningful description, this may prevent others from finding your panorama and viewing it, even if your panorama is of high quality. Consider the following tips.

Quality assessment of 360° panoramas

There are so many different ways to create and stitch spherical panoramas. Some equipment or software does not allow to achieve high quality 360 panoramas. We want only the highest quality work available for general viewing.

Quality criteria for 360° panorama - unnecessary elements in the panorama

Are there any elements in your 360 ° panorama that interfere with viewings, such as logos, a tripod, a photographer (if it is not part of the panorama), a shadow or a reflection of a tripod or photographer in a panorama? If so, then this affects the quality of the panorama. Next, we consider examples of unsuccessful examples of extraneous elements in the panorama. By avoiding this you will improve your work!

Criteria for assessing the quality of the panorama

These criteria quibble as much as the user sees, because the tours / panoramas checked by these criteria claim to be included in the “Best” category, which means they have to undergo a rather strict quality check.

Hotspots or tunnels between panoramas in the 360-degree tour

Try new hotspots or tunnels between panoramas in a virtual 3D tour.

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