If you did not find a good name for your panorama and did not add a meaningful description, this may prevent others from finding your panorama and viewing it, even if your panorama is of high quality.

We put the title, description and tags in a special markup META HTML-page, which allows search engines to easily read them. Moreover, users viewing your panoramas will be able to better understand where the panorama was made.

Try, if applicable, so that the name answers the questions:

  • What can be seen in the panorama?
  • What's the name of this place?
  • What are the features of this particular panorama?

It is desirable that the name was not less than 2 - 3 words, but not more than 10.

The description may disclose the names and contain additional information, such as historical or geographical information about the place, as an option, although there are no hard rules. Description of the panorama is desirable to do a length of 2 - 3 sentences but can be more.

Examples of good titles

Unsuccessful Header Examples

  • Center3
  • Gather1
  • detskaya_ploshadka
  • today
    John Smith
  • 05/02 2020
    Astrakhan 360

    Thanks for the answer!

  • 04/30 2020
    Roman Grinev

    If we talk about the name of the virtual tour of the apartment, then you can specify the city, in the name, it will be more logical. And for individual panoramas it is better to indicate the name, for example: Spacious kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, Entrance, Balcony, etc.

  • 04/30 2020
    Roman Grinev

    Svetlana_Y, thanks for the question. You can specify a city if it is directly connected to a virtual tour. For example: "All viewing platforms of Kaliningrad." As a rule, it is better to indicate the city and country in tags (tags), and the name of the tour should be closely related to what a person sees in the virtual tour.

  • 04/30 2020
    Astrakhan 360

    If this is a 3D tour, should the city be indicated in the name?

  • 08/03 2019

    Panorama hall cafe Rendezvous

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