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A little more than a few weeks has passed since the opening of TrueVirtualTours and some results are already visible. At the moment, only about 250 panoramas have been tested, which is only about 3% of the total number of 360-degree panoramas sent. Nevertheless, some of you have tried hard to take advantage of the new features of the site and have also filled out the panorama information in as much detail as possible, for which I thank you so much! Thanks to you, you can already see some statistics.

I think many people will be interested to see the list of equipment used by photographers taking their wonderful 360 panoramas. When deciding whether to purchase equipment for shooting panoramas, it will be useful for photographers to familiarize themselves also with the quality of work. Later I would like to get a summary for each camera and each property for shooting panoramas with average values ​​for each indicator. And now you can see the following sections of the site:

If you want that the equipment that you used to make your 360 panoramas be listed there, please open to your personal account on the TrueVirtualTours website and add tags or tags of equipment, accessories, and software that you use for your works. This will help us to make a better summary table of equipment and quality of 360-degree panoramas that can be made using it.

Therefore, add your best 360° spherical panoramas to our website. Specify tags of equipment, accessories, and software. Compare and research the work of other photographers and improve yours!

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Host for 360° panoramas: articles

You can host your wonderful 360° images and provide quick access to them from any device using the TrueVirtualTours website. We have made the placement of your virtual tours and 360° panorama as free as possible.
Roman Grinev @grinev

Equipment for 360º: articles

Review and comparison of 7 devices for shooting spherical 3D panoramas 360x180. Comparison of characteristics.
Roman Grinev @grinev
Rylo positions itself as an action camera with unsurpassed stabilization of 360° video. For me, one of the important indicators was the possibility of shooting 360° spherical panoramas in the resolution of 6000x3000. After more than six months of use, I can share how satisfied I am with the capabilities of the camera and whether the camera has met my expectations.
Roman Grinev @grinev
Overview, comparison of cameras for shooting in 360 panoramas with examples of panoramas and virtual tours. The main characteristics for comparison are the resolution / number of effective pixels / the ability to manually set the exposure, ISO / save to RAW.
Roman Grinev @grinev