07/14 2024

Equipment for shooting 360° panoramas and virtual tours

The question of choosing equipment for shooting spherical panoramas and creating virtual tours is one of the most important for a photographer - a panoramic photographer. On the TrueVirtualTours website, you have access to examples of work performed using one or other equipment and software.

Roman Grinev

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The functionality of the TrueVirtualTours website allows photographers to add tags of the equipment and software that they used to create their work. Thanks to this, you can see examples of spherical panoramas that were shot using, for example, a certain drone or a certain new model of a 360-degree camera. By comparing the quality of panoramas, you can decide which camera, lens, or drone should be used in order to achieve your goals. 

Open the section below and select equipment type to see examples of work.

When placing panoramas with us, indicate the tags of the equipment and software that you used for shooting. This will allow more users to see your work. It also helps new photographers decide which hardware and software are best to use. 

Add your best 360 ° spherical panoramas, tag equipment, accessories, and software, compare and explore the work of other photographers, improve your works!

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