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TrueVitualTours are real virtual tours and spherical panoramas

TrueVitualTours are real virtual tours and spherical panoramas. Place spherical panoramas, create real virtual tours, combine panoramas and tours into selections and create from the video presentation, improve the quality of their work!

Here are some features of the TrueVirtualTours site that we have already implemented or are still planning to implement. We greet also your ideas or bits of advice to improve our service. Write about them in the comments.

1. Free publication of panoramas and virtual tours

For the placement of commercial works are written off "Coins" from the account that can be obtained by performing various actions on the site or by purchasing them. Learn more.

2. Evaluation of the quality of panoramas

Photographers can work on improving their panoramas. Quality panoramas are available for more users. Evaluation of the quality of panoramas will allow you to further view the summary statistics on the quality of equipment for shooting panoramas.

3. Creating tours from individual panoramas

A feature of the TrueVirtualTours site is that the same panorama can be used in different virtual tours.

4. Equipment used when shooting panoramas

By adding equipment tags, experienced professional photographers allow site users to understand which equipment is better to use for shooting spherical panoramas and virtual tours. Read more here and here .

5. Presentation video

Simple tools for creating video presentations will allow you to create demonstrations of interiors and exteriors so that your viewers can relax and enjoy watching. this link gives an example video presentation. Click the "Play" button to view.

This is a short list of what has already been implemented or will be implemented in the near future. Tell us about your ideas and suggestions in the comments to this article.

  • 03/04 2019

    Tell me please, how is the possibility of creating tours implemented on this site?

  • 03/04 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Smart 360, unfortunately the possibility of creating tours has not yet been implemented on this site. We plan to add basic tour features in the near future, approximately until March 15. Thank you for your question and wonderful panoramas!

  • 03/16 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Smart 360 - the ability to view panoramas in the virtual tours mode based on tags or tags has been added. Read more here:

  • today
    John Smith

TrueVirtrualTours history: articles

We worked very hard to make possible the further development of the site. We took into account the wishes of photographers in relation to the maximum size of the panorama, which can be downloaded to the site. The site code was also reworked, which will allow the project to scale up in the future.
Roman Grinev @grinev
The first layouts of the virtual tour page were developed. The idea of ​​creation is inspired by such projects as panoramas on Yandex and Google maps, as well as projects of and some others. The first name that was thought to be used for the project is Photopan.
Roman Grinev @grinev
The domain of Сферика.рф and was registered. On the website you could already place not only individual spherical panoramas but also whole virtual tours. The emphasis was on enabling photographers to easily create virtual tours by uploading several panoramas. Registration was made as simple as possible.
Roman Grinev @grinev
Since the creation of, more than 2,700 virtual tours have been placed on the project, which contained more than 7,500 spherical panoramas 360×180 totaling more than 200 GB!
Roman Grinev @grinev