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TrueVitualTours are real virtual tours and spherical panoramas

TrueVitualTours are real virtual tours and spherical panoramas. Place spherical panoramas, create real virtual tours, combine panoramas and tours into selections and create from the video presentation, improve the quality of their work!

Here are some features of the TrueVirtualTours site that we have already implemented or are still planning to implement. We greet also your ideas or bits of advice to improve our service. Write about them in the comments.

1. Free publication of panoramas and virtual tours

For the placement of commercial works are written off "Coins" from the account that can be obtained by performing various actions on the site or by purchasing them. Learn more.

2. Evaluation of the quality of panoramas

Photographers can work on improving their panoramas. Quality panoramas are available for more users. Evaluation of the quality of panoramas will allow you to further view the summary statistics on the quality of equipment for shooting panoramas.

3. Creating tours from individual panoramas

A feature of the TrueVirtualTours site is that the same panorama can be used in different virtual tours. In addition, the ability to view virtual tours based on tags is already available.

4. Equipment used when shooting panoramas

By adding equipment tags, experienced professional photographers allow site users to understand which equipment is better to use for shooting spherical panoramas and virtual tours. Read more here and here .

5. Presentation video

Simple tools for creating video presentations will allow you to create demonstrations of interiors and exteriors so that your viewers can relax and enjoy watching. this link gives an example video presentation. Click the "Play" button to view.

6. Spherical 360-degree video

You can upload spherical video up to 500 MB on your website. The player plays video in Full HD format, but we are working to make a view in 2K, 4K, and even 6K. Examples of already uploaded videos can see here or watch all the videos on this virtual tour.

This is a short list of what has already been implemented or will be implemented in the near future. Tell us about your ideas and suggestions in the comments to this article.

  • today
    John Smith
  • 11/13 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Good afternoon, thanks for the feedback about the site and for the question. We are working to ensure that this functionality (interactive details, links, etc.) is available on the site. While these features are not available, you can do something like these panoramas. Thank.,89.88,115.49,0,0,27.85,108.99,0,0

  • 11/12 2019

    Good afternoon. Really like your site. I’m going to start shooting myself on the Mavic 2 Pro. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask here, but maybe someone will tell you how to make a panorama with interactive details as in this example - Thank you!

  • 10/22 2019

    I would like to support the creator of this site. You should not take unreasonable, non-constructive criticism to heart. Moreover, in connection with the large interruptions in the work of the popular, I’m sure that you will eventually make an excellent service for which many (including myself) are willing to pay a reasonable monthly fee money. If you intend to follow the (approximately) roundme path in terms of interface convenience and placement of virtual tours, then in the end you will find your grateful visitors. Good luck to you!

  • 10/22 2019
    Roman Grinev

    To the question, as you have already noticed, virtual tours can be added using the link “Add to 3D tour” next to the panorama. Unlike Spherics, the same panorama can be added to several virtual tours. Created virtual tours should be available through the "360 tours" menu at the top of the site, where virtual tours are available in sections: published, pending, commercial, draft.

  • 10/22 2019
    Roman Grinev

    I agree with you, Planet Petrozavodsk, that this resource is still far from perfect, although I am sad to hear what you call the resource wretched. We put a lot of heart and effort (and even a soul!) To make it a convenient place where it will be possible at an affordable cost to place magnificent panoramas and excellent virtual tours. Currently, the Spherik and TrueVitrualTours sites host panoramas of more than 400 GB and we pay for the placement of your work on servers at the moment from our own coraman for the most part. However, good trends towards the growth and development of the project are already visible thanks to the change in the approach to working on the project that we made when moving from Spherics to TrueVirtualTours. Some of the problems that hindered the development of the project were resolved with the transition to Amazon cloud servers. So I'm sure that from a "wretched" resource TrueVitualTours can become a first-class service with your help! Many thanks to everyone who supports our project!

  • 10/22 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Planet Petrozavodsk. is the new version of the site. We wrote about it here The old version of the site will be available for some time until all the features are transferred to the new version. Then the redirect will be configured. All panoarmas and virtual tours published through the sphere will also continue to work, but with the new version of the site. There will be no interruptions in work. If you still want to remove the panoramas, please write to us at this email: thank

  • The question is this: with what fright did the panorama published on Spherik migrate to this wretched site? Perhaps I did not carefully read the agreement of the sphere, and there was something about the ability to copy them to another resource, I do not know. But now I definitely don’t want my work to be on this site. But I can not find how to remove them. Tell me how to do this, or delete them instead of me

  • 03/16 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Smart 360 - the ability to view panoramas in the virtual tours mode based on tags or tags has been added. Read more here:

  • 03/04 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Smart 360, unfortunately the possibility of creating tours has not yet been implemented on this site. We plan to add basic tour features in the near future, approximately until March 15. Thank you for your question and wonderful panoramas!

  • 03/04 2019

    Tell me please, how is the possibility of creating tours implemented on this site?

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