Virtual 3D Tours


Virtual tour - a way of realistic display of three-dimensional multi-element space on the screen. Elements of a virtual tour, as a rule, are spherical panoramas, interconnected by interactive transition links (hotspots).


Importancia de los panoramas 3D de 360° para la presentación de proyectos arquitectónicos.

La diferencia entre los Panoramas 3D 360 y los Renders 3D y su importancia para la presentación de los proyectos arquitectónicos.

¿Porqué los Panoramas VR 360º cuestan más que los Renders?

¿En un proyecto 3D, los Panoramas 360° cuestan más que los Renders?

Rules, stages and features of creating a virtual tour

How to create a virtual tour for promotional purposes, to showcase a property, or for other purposes

Hotspots or tunnels between panoramas in the 360-degree tour

Try new hotspots or tunnels between panoramas in a virtual 3D tour.

Create simple virtual 3D tours based on tags

Creating virtual tours is now easier than ever. Just add tags to your panoramas and you can immediately watch virtual tours by combining tags and immediately getting a ready virtual tour. Share virtual tours composed of any set of panoramas, both yours and other users.

TrueVitualTours - real virtual tours and spherical panoramas - about the project

Publish your spherical panoramas in resolutions up to 65500 pixels, spherical video up to 500 MB, combine panoramas and videos in virtual tours, create your portfolio, and even a website on your domain.

How to create a virtual 3D tour? Step-by-step instruction

The order is as follows: 1) upload to the site spherical panoramas from which you plan to create a virtual tour; 2) from the list of uploaded panoramas add each panorama to the virtual tour (Add to 3D tour link); 3) open the created virtual tour, edit the panorama order, select the main panorama, set transition points (tunnels).

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