Free hosting for your 360° spherical panoramas

Despite the fact that we charge a small fee for placing spherical panoramas, virtual tours and using the capabilities of the site, you can still post spherical panoramas on the site for free. Three easy steps to post panoramas for free.

Hosting for your virtual tours and 360° images | price

You can host your wonderful 360° images and provide quick access to them from any device using the TrueVirtualTours website. We have made the placement of your virtual tours and 360° panorama as free as possible.

Quality criteria for 360° panorama - unnecessary elements in the panorama

Are there any elements in your 360 ° panorama that interfere with viewings, such as logos, a tripod, a photographer (if it is not part of the panorama), a shadow or a reflection of a tripod or photographer in a panorama? If so, then this affects the quality of the panorama. Next, we consider examples of unsuccessful examples of extraneous elements in the panorama. By avoiding this you will improve your work!

Access rules to 360 ° panoramas, 3D tours, and articles

This article contains information about the rules for accessing 360° panoramas, articles, and other materials on the TrueVitrualTours website.

New version of the site is open for testing.

We worked very hard to make possible the further development of the site. We took into account the wishes of photographers in relation to the maximum size of the panorama, which can be downloaded to the site. The site code was also reworked, which will allow the project to scale up in the future.

Equipment for shooting spherical panoramas and virtual tours, overview

Review and comparison of 7 devices for shooting spherical 3D panoramas 360x180. Comparison of characteristics.

What is a 360-degree panorama?

360-degree panorama (virtual 3D/VR tour) is one of the types of panoramic photography.

Criteria for assessing the quality of the panorama

These criteria quibble as much as the user sees, because the tours / panoramas checked by these criteria claim to be included in the “Best” category, which means they have to undergo a rather strict quality check.

How to animate a panoramic photo

Some users to whom I sent links to view panoramic photos could not at first figure out how to properly rotate the panorama around me, or at first did not realize that the wheel could zoom in or out the scene.  For such cases, the True Virtual Tours website has a Video Editor feature. In case of its application, before the user who opened the panorama by the link, the script of the "flyby" invented by you immediately starts. That is, the camera rotates or focuses as you yourself previously configured. Thus, you helped our customer to quickly examine the space around "himself" in a panoramic picture and at the same time encouraged him to think that he could perform the same actions with the help of the mouse buttons or the wheel.

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