Where else can I post spherical content besides the wonderful TrueVitualTours? The answer is in the article.
Vipstars @vipstars
For convenient editing of articles on TrueVirtualTours website, we have added a simple visual editor. It allows simple text formatting. Do you have questions or suggestions, what to improve or fix? Write about this in the comments. Thank you
Roman Grinev @grinev
We encourage everyone who has something to share in the field of 360-degree spherical panoramas and virtual tours to publish articles that could be useful to other community members. As an encouragement, we will ...
Roman Grinev @grinev
Reputation and rating as well as the number of stars and coins in your profile determines what actions you can do on the site. For example, upload and post 360 ° panoramas, publish articles, answer questions while earning coins, and much more.
Roman Grinev @grinev
A list of links to information on the cost of placing panoramas and virtual tours.
Roman Grinev @grinev
Try new hotspots or tunnels between panoramas in a virtual 3D tour.
Roman Grinev @grinev
We worked very hard to make possible the further development of the site. We took into account the wishes of photographers in relation to the maximum size of the panorama, which can be downloaded to the site. The site code was also reworked, which will allow the project to scale up in the future.
Roman Grinev @grinev
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