Aerial photography - photographing a territory from a certain height from the Earth’s surface using an aerial camera mounted on an atmospheric aircraft, helicopter, airship, etc. or their unmanned analogue in order to obtain, study and present objective spatial data in the areas of the survey.

360° panoramas

Lake Lenore Caves


PANO0166 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6P8+6Q Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0165 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6P7+GQ Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0163 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6Q5+MM Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0162 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6Q5+93 Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0160 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R3+95 Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0158 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R2+FR Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO303 001 panorama 20x10 DeN

26b, Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

DJI 0019

st. Nemirovich-Danchenko, 76/2, Rostov-on-Don, Rostov region, Russia, 344079

PANO187 10x5 panorama LabSrp

st. Centralnaya, 2, Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

dji export 1655142659057

VJ64+2X Syrt, Orenburg region, Russia

PANO0172 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R2+GV Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0170 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R2+HP Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

WAX and FORUM GROUP - Alexander Garden III - C17D Top - 5K RGB

st. Dekabristov, 69B, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region, Russia, 620063

PANO0040-2 panorama 20x10 PtgLabS

st. Centralnaya, 22, Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

PANO0124 20x10 AFF-Fin

X62F+23 Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0127 20x10 AFF-Fin

W6W5+8C Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO00123 panorama 20х10 Fin

W6W9+QP Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia

DJI 0970

sq. "Independence", 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

G14 200

Sovetskaya st., 8, Perm, Perm region, Russia, 614045

DJI 0931

Nikola Kalipetrovski 25, 9200 Tsentar, Provadia, Bulgaria

Base 800

2nd Sorokinskaya st., 65, Perm, Perm region, Russia, 614058

PANO0048 panorama 18x9

26b, Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

PANO0049 panorama18x9-2

26b, Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

dji export 1653800595367

24, Nefteyugansk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia, 628309

PANO0047 panorama 18x9 PTGUi FI copy

village Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

susanj dji

438R+CV Shusha, Montenegro

DJI 0834-1

38QV+9F Vyborgsky district, St. Petersburg, Russia

DJI 0464

HJ28+8C Sevastopol

DJI 0001-2 Panorama111

River Port, Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk region, Russia, 432017

Photo 6553763 DJI 163 pano 42849228 0 2021811602 photo pano


DJI 0001 Panorama2

per. Mostostroiteley, 6, Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk, Russia, 432027

Japanese garden 1104

22VP+HW Krasnodar, Krasnodar region, Russia

PANO0001 panorama2IF LAB 3DLUT fin

W6W3+35 Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

DJI 0729

7P9W+FP Ilyichevo, Leningrad region, Russia

DeerPark Camp 4

6MM2+72 Vinegar Bend, AL, USA

Mobile International Speedway

7800 Park Blvd, Irvington, AL 36544, USA

Panorama 2022-02-22 REM

street Nadpilna, 54/60, Cherkasy, Cherkaska region, Ukraine, 18000

DJI 0842

CW65+XP Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region, Russia

Panorama 2022-02-22 Forest

Shevchenka street, 18, Cherkasy, Cherkaska region, Ukraine, 18000

PANO0002 panorama FI LAB

W6HJ+94 Avdotino, Moscow region, Russia

DJI 0964

Molodezhnaya st., 17, Ramenskoye, Moscow region, Russia, 140103


26CV+QX Motovilikha district, Perm, Perm region, Russia


st. Monastyrskaya, 2B, Perm, Perm region, Russia, 614045


26CW+JF Motovilikha district, Perm, Perm region, Russia


st. Maxim Gorky, 22, Perm, Perm region, Russia, 614000


st. Maxim Gorky, 4, Perm, Perm region, Russia, 614045

org96c77ffa869d449f 1646405922000

Tovarishchesky pr., 24, St. Petersburg, Russia, 193312

Panorama 2022-02-22 kviten

Ivan Franka street, 131, Cherkasy, Cherkaska region, Ukraine, 18000


st. Makovsky, 126, Vladivostok, Primorsky Territory, Russia, 690041


st. Labinskaya, 20, Perm, Perm region, Russia, 614013

DJI 0209

W6WQ+49 Pionersky, Kaliningrad region, Russia

PANO0001 Fin2Res

W6HG+XP Avdotino, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0001 1 panorama FIN copy

W6V2+QQ Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

Vankovo with Overlay
PANO0001 1 panoramaFi 20x10-DeNoiseAI

W6W4+5Q Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

Dedyukha 22

F9PX+84 Dobryanka, Perm region, Russia


FCJ4+66 Dobryanka, Perm region, Russia

PANO0001 panorama

Centralnaya st., 24, Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

Soundtrack virtual tour / panorama

One of the possibilities of the TrueVirtualTours service is the ability to add sound accompaniment both for the virtual tour in general and for individual panoramas.

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