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Lens for 360° panorama

The 8mm f/3.5 HD Fisheye Lens with Removable Hood for Canon from Samyang gives you a 167° view with dramatic, exaggerated perspective when used with an APS-C camera, or a powerful circular image floating in the frame when used with a full frame digital camera or 35mm film camera.

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Seattle's Annual Showcase of Everything New: Cars, Trucks, Exotics, Luxury & Electrics. All of the Latest Models From the World's Automobile Makers. Buy Your Tickets Here. One weekend only. VIP tours. Family fun zone. Luxury and exotic cars. Tes...
Roman Grinev @grinev


The Argyle Apartment Homes has rental units ranging from 680-860 sq ft starting at $1325.
Roman Grinev @grinev


Travel to the center to visit Mount St. Helens. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the site, the entrance to the visitors center was already closed and we had to go along one of the nearby hiking routes along the shore of Coldwater Lake, which...
Roman Grinev @grinev


Two spherical panoramas - a virtual tour from the top of the Moro cliff in California
Soedinennye Staty Ameriki, Kalifornia, Tulare-Kaunti
Roman Grinev @grinev


The Space Needle is an observation tower in Seattle, Washington, a landmark of the Pacific Northwest, and an icon of Seattle. It was built in the Seattle Center for the 1962 World's Fair, which drew over 2.3 million visitors, when nearly 20,000...
Соединенные Штаты Америки, Вашингтон, Кинг-Каунти, Сиэтл, 4th Ave
Roman Grinev @grinev


Tour of the branch of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany. We were shown a historical exhibition on the activities of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany from 1870 to 2013. We looked at the territory of the branch, in which the laundry wash clothes, clothes...
Germania, Gessen, Limburg-Vajlburg, Zelters (Taunus), Am Steinfels
Roman Grinev @grinev


Walking through the narrow streets of the old town in Torun, Poland
Polsa, Kuavsko-Pomorskoe voevodstvo, Torun, Podmurna
Roman Grinev @grinev
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Samyang Fisheye

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