Fort №5

by Roman Grinev

If you use the spherical panorama of the TrueVirtualTours service, you can fully appreciate the monumentality of this structure. Fort No. 5 "King Friedrich Wilhelm" was built at the end of the 19th century as one of the outposts of the defensive ring of Koenigsberg. Then it was also called “Night feather bed of Koenigsberg.

3D panorama of Fort #5 shows walls 5 meters thick, stretching along a moat 5 meters deep and 25 meters wide. The structure looks almost insurmountable. In April 1945, this fortification was a stronghold in the defense of Koenigsberg.

In the panorama of Fort No. 5 section, you can see military equipment presented to visitors of the grandiose monument. Each of its units is equipped with a plate with the characteristics of the weapon. The fort was built in the form of a hexagon 215x105 meters. During the Second World War, before the assault, the fort was heavily fortified, an anti-tank ditch was dug, barbed wire was stretched.

During the virtual tour, tourists can see traces of shell explosions on the walls of the formidable structure, assess how fierce the battles were here. 3D tour of Fort No. 5 includes a tour of all the premises of the defensive bastion, the museum of military equipment and weapon sites.

The grandiose monument of fortification is now being destroyed and dilapidated. What is left after the offensive of the Soviet troops in 1945 continues to be destroyed by the already relentless time.

The art of building military fortifications, the skill of defensive architecture, that's what Fort No. 5 is, one of the twelve forts surrounding Koenigsberg, once. Virtual Tour of Fort 5 shows the vaulted concrete and brick living quarters where 350 officers and soldiers once lived and served.

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Publish date: 02/23 2015
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At the monument in the park, aperl 1945
Opposite the fort
Fort from above
Battle of Fallendof
Above the entrance
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