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Number of panoramas: 2
Creators: Andrej B-K, Andrej Versinin

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360° panoramas

Virtual tour: Buzludzha. The first panorama of the summer trip is # The house of the Bulgarian Communist Party, # Top Hadji Dimitar - Buzludzha. The largest abandoned building I saw. Although, there seems to have been some progress towards recovery ...
10000x5000, 50.0MP
5005, 6140 Krán, Bulgaria
Andrej B-K

06/28 2015

Career "Pass"

Virtual tour: Slyudyanka. The Pereval mining enterprise was built in 1957 on the basis of the Slyudyansk marble deposit. In November 1957, the quarry shipped its first products, and since 1961, the miners went to design capacity. With an annual...
8628x4314, 37.2MP
Andrej Versinin
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