05/23 2015

Pass the

Virtual Tour: Abandoned Shipyard. The disbanded first workshop of the Kirov shipyard. The plant itself is partially operational, so when visiting, it is possible to meet with guards. In this workshop mainly fishing trawlers and landing barges...
12000x6000, 72.0MP
Oleg Aleksandrov @341


Virtual tour: Buzludzha. The first panorama of the summer trip is # The house of the Bulgarian Communist Party, # Top Hadji Dimitar - Buzludzha. The largest abandoned building I saw. Although, there seems to have been some progress towards recovery ...
10000x5000, 50.0MP
5005, 6140 Krán, Bulgaria
Andrej B-K @flyingkam


07/03 2018

360° panorama

Virtual tour: Kalyazin bell tower on the water. DJI Mavic Air in the standard mode "sphere" + dokleyka in PTGui
10000x5000, 50.0MP
st. Karla Marksa, 1, Kalyazin, Tver Region, Russia, 171573
Andrej B-K @flyingkam

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Number of panoramas: 3
Creators: Oleg Aleksandrov, Andrej B-K