Ural Mars and the Howler rapids


We will have a walk on Mars - a quarry and a deposit of refractory clays. The similarity to Mars is given to the quarry by the forms in which the clay solidifies, as well as its color scheme. The clay massif is filled with various craters, depressions and hills, blood-red lakes. A completely contrasting impression is created by the threshold of the Iset Revun River. The Iset flows here in a beautiful, rocky canyon. Cliffs rise on both sides of the rapids. The water in Howler is breaking against the rocks with such force that it resembles a wild beast. Impressions are amazing!

Publish date: 09/14 2021
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DJI 0189

Unnamed Road, Beklenishcheva, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia, 623480

DJI 0154

Unnamed Road, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia, 623503

DJI 0163

Sverdlovsk region, Russia, 623503

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