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In Russia, the first written mention of the receipt of oil appeared in the XVI century. Travelers described how the tribes living on the banks of the Ukhta River in the north of the Timan-Pechora region collected oil from the surface of the river and used it for medical purposes and as oils and lubricants. Oil collected from the Ukhta River was first delivered to Moscow in 1597.

Rossia, Respublika Komi, Uhta, poselok Vetlosan, Klubnaa ulica
Publish date: 05/31 2015
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Hotel Timan
Prospekt Lenina
Monument to the dead in Chechnya and Afghanistan
GDK Area
Slides for skiing in winter
Hotel Timan
Ukhta Airport
Transneft-Sever JSC
Crossroads ul.Oktyabrskaya - Pervomayskaya St.
Bus station
Prospekt Lenina
Innocently murdered in the years of political repression
Park of culture and rest
May Day Square
Square of Alexander Pushkin
Crossroads Kosolapkina-ul.Kremsa
Park of culture and rest
Pervomayskaya street
Crossroads Kosolapkina-ul.Pervomayskaya
Ukhta City Hospital No.1
Technical school of railway transport
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