House design project

by Татьяна Мусиенко

The interior and landscaping of a country house with an area of 300m2 in the Riviera Parus cottage village was designed for a family with two children. The architecture of the village dictated a modern style, customers prefer modern classics, these styles are combined and neatly intertwined in the project. Let's start with the fact that the house was rented with a free layout and when zoning, we decided to make the most of the space, optimizing the corridors and creating spacious rooms. On the ground floor, they combined the kitchen and the living room, the place that was supposed to be a garage - they made a billiard room with a large sauna with a glass wall, its own shower and bathroom, which also serves as a guest bathroom on the first floor. The style of the billiard room differs from the traditional solution, combining beams on the ceiling, decorative plaster, lamps built into the floor, lights and, of course, a soft modular sofa, which is convenient to adjust for a comfortable pastime and not without brutal natural furs that create a feeling of comfort. At the entrance group, by moving the walls, we made a spacious entrance area, which housed a couch with a table and an ottoman and opposite a spacious dressing room with glass doors In the entrance area, the living room area, on the load-bearing walls (which, alas, cannot be demolished) and on the slopes of the doors, I used mirrors - which further expands the space. I especially like the solution - mirrors on the slopes of doors and windows - this visually erases the boundary between the house and the yard. Further behind the hall, the entrance to the guest room, barely perceptible to the eye, is also an office. In which there is a cozy area for communication and spacious shelving for the owner of the house to place his rich library there. Please note that all the doors in the house are flush-mounted, I like this solution because it does not split the room and visually gives the rooms a single, even, stylish space. The door to the master bedroom and from the bedroom to the bathroom, is not only flush-mounted, but also the full height of the wall, a modern and stylish solution in my opinion. Shadow plinths are used throughout the house, combined with wall decor with moldings and stucco, which subtly and neatly interweave styles. Lighting is made by a combination of eaves, built-in niches and lighting profiles; spotlights, pendant lights, pendant chandeliers and sconces with reflected light lighting, which makes it possible to create a variety of lighting scenarios, as well as the desired atmosphere in the house. The scenarios are complemented by a variety of lighting in the furniture. So, on the first floor after the hall we find ourselves in the living room combined with the dining room, to the left a bar island and a U-shaped kitchen. When planning the arrangement of furniture, it was conceived so that each zone was both connected and isolated from the rest, that is, sitting at the island, you can safely watch TV at the table, and on the sofa, and even sitting in a cozy armchair by the fireplace. By the way, a large panoramic window, 6 meters wide, fully expands and forms a common space with the courtyard. A weightless floating staircase, with wooden steps and built-in lighting, leads us to the second floor. It is divided into 2 parts: the master bedroom with access to the wardrobe combined with a bathroom and a children's block consisting of 2 children's rooms, a bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower room. Also on the second floor there is a spacious hall in which there is a recreation area near a panoramic balcony overlooking the Istra reservoir and a laundry room with a dressing room. From the parents' bedroom, in the place where there was a window, they made panoramic glazing, with access to the terrace, from which you can go both to the exploited roof and go down to the recreation areas in the yard. The design is made in delicate shades and a single palette combining azure, gray-blue, powdery tones, merging with white marble and soft textures of furniture, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The house has 2 bio-fireplaces, the first two and a half meters wide is located on the first floor in the living room, and the second on the second floor in the master bedroom, pay attention to the solution - that the fireplace works on 2 rooms for the bedroom and the bath at the same time. The most favorite part in the house, according to the tradition of my projects, is the bath. Here is a separate bathroom, lying in which you can enjoy the forest expanses, views of the reservoir and a decorative panel topped with hidden lighting and an airy chandelier. Further, behind a door hidden in the texture of marble, there is a bathroom. And the shower room, on one of the walls, is illuminated by a frosted glass panel with imitation of palm leaves. In the daughter's room, the theme of palm trees continues with a soft flow into the boho style, in a cocoon, hanging sconces, a cozy soft pouffe and in decor. In the son's nursery, in addition to a cozy cocoon and a fresco that envelops the view of the endless expanses, a weightless structure with LED dots that repeats the lines of mountains and clouds was launched from the wall to the ceiling, which creates the feeling of a starry sky.

Publish date: 06/25 2022
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