by Владислав Соколов

City (since 1943) in the Komi Republic of the Russian Federation

Rossia, Respublika Komi, Uhta, poselok Vetlosan, Klubnaa ulica, 12
Publish date: 02/18 2015
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Ice Palace
Ice Palace
Ice Palace
GDK area
Komsomolskaya square
New Year tree in Zeryunova Street
May Day Square
May Day Square
 The embankment of the oil workers and the river Chibiu. Salute in honor of the New Year 2016!
Swimming pool
Monument to A.S. Pushkin
Oktyabrskaya square
Children's park
House of Pioneers
House of Pioneers
Eternal flame
Eternal flame
Lenin (Ukhta)
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