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Views of Yekaterinburg captured by the Oneplus One phone and the Google Camera app

Rossia, Sverdlovskaa oblast', Ekaterinburg, ulica Frunze
Publish date: 03/10 2015
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360° panoramas of this virtual tour, page 1

Area at the Youth Theater
The Kharitonov Manor. Pond
The Kharitonov Manor. Rotunda.
Berezovsky. Eternal flame
View of the Lower Lake Pond
360x180 panorama
360x180 panorama
Church of the Savior on the Blood
Komsomol between God and God
Monument to Peter and Fevronia
Lake Shartash (05/22/2015)
Lake Shartash (05/22/2015)
Lake Shartash (05/22/2015)
Monument to V. Mulyavin
City Pond March 10, 2015
The yard of the house of Tchaikovsky 88/1 (26.03.2015)
CCP Space (03/29/2015)
Temple on the Blood (03/29/2015)
Temple on the Blood (03/29/2015)
Plot (30.03.2015)
The courtyards of Tchaikovsky Street (04/29/2015)
Plot (01/05/2015)
Area of ​​1905 (01.05.2015)
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