Amur region


The project of the social network TRASSIANE ( ), about the settlements of the Amur region. We will try to fly around on a drone all the villages, from small to large. Let's capture for a long time what our houses, fields, rivers and lakes look like...

You can see the project about the settlements of the Amur Region in a special playlist on RUTUBE:

7GRG+7V Blagovesensk, Amurskaa oblast', Rossia
Publish date: 01/12 2023
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655J+26 Lipovka, Amur region, Russia


8PFP+2P Ust-Ivanovka, Amur region, Russia


8PCP+XR Ust-Ivanovka, Amur region, Russia

DJI 0440

8HMV+PV Blagoveshchensk, Amur region, Russia

DJI 0441

8HMX+MH Blagoveshchensk, Amur Oblast, Russia


R461, 47, Blagoveshchensk, Amur region, Russia, 675003

Crossroads Pine-School

8P9X+V6 Ust-Ivanovka, Amur region, Russia

Concert Hall DK Ust-Ivanovka HDR

8PHX+FV Ust-Ivanovka, Amur Region, Russia

PC 60

32VW+VV Tambovka, Amur region, Russia


P8X4+VC Sergeevka, Amur region, Russia


R63C+F4 Bibikovo, Amur Oblast, Russia


6PH6+R6 Gribskoe, Amur region, Russia

Campground at the quarry Peredovoe (2)

4MPH+32 Peredovoye, Amur Region, Russia


6P9H+3Q Gribskoe, Amur region, Russia

Boat at the quarry Advanced (2)

4MPG+CP Peredovoe, Amur Region, Russia

1 Quarry Advanced (2)

4MPG+3R Peredovoye, Amurskaya Oblast, Russia

Lake Golushkino

4MFR+HR Peredovoe, Amur Region, Russia

Bureysky bridge

QWMQ+MR Nikolaevka, Amur Region, Russia

Stella Moscow-Vladivostok

QWRM+PV Nikolaevka, Amur Region, Russia


QWRM+HR Nikolaevka, Amur Region, Russia


8PFR+62 Ust-Ivanovka, Amur Region, Russia

Gribskoye, Lugovaya 9

9, Amur region, Russia, 675503

Tower Advanced

4PH5+JX Advanced, Amur region, Russia


QQM4+FG Novopetrovka, Amur region, Russia

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