Virtual tour: Walk on the roofs of Furmanov. Dear viewers! I present to your attention a virtual tour "Walk on the roofs of Furmanov." I suggest you look at our city from an unusual angle, in contrast to which we are used to seeing it. Waiting for...
6000x3000, 18.0MP
Revolutionary street, 13, Furmanov, Ivanovo region, Russia, 155520


Virtual tour: Wonderful New Year !. New Year's "Summer Garden" in Furmanov
11108x5554, 61.7MP
Sovetskaya st., 11, Furmanov, Ivanovo region, Russia, 155520


04/12 2017

Second floor

Virtual tour: Abandoned camp "Ulyanka" in the Furmanovsky district. In Soviet times, in Furmanov, there were two large pioneer camps built by textile workers. “Birch” factory them. The 50th anniversary of the USSR (now number 3) has long been ...
11136x5568, 62.0MP
Unnamed Road, Ivanovo Oblast, Russia, 155562

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Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100 | Vitrual tour

Number of panoramas: 3
Creators: Andrey Nikolaev