Сергей Михайленко ПТЗ

Karelia, Petrozavodsk. Doing photography for more than 10 years. Panorama took a couple of years ago.

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360° panoramas

360° panorama
360° panorama
360° panorama
Staircase in front of the mirrored hall
Mirror Hall Balcony
The second tier
The first tier
Mirror Hall
Exit to the stairs on the left
Entrance Hall, wardrobe
View from the square
Reading hall
One of the reading rooms
View from the balcony
The dome area of ​​the main reading room
Main reading room
The ceremonial
Entrance from the street
At the end of the hall
In the middle of Hall
At the beginning of the hall / bar
Fountain 1
Fountain 2
Fountain 2
Razvilka 2 (parking of the club "Winter Fountains")
Fork for 1 and 2 Fountains
Beginning of the Fontana ski track
Cafe Anton Pavlovich panorama 2
Cafe Anton Pavlovich panorama 1
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