03/20 2017

Residential building - toilet

Virtual tour: New generation, children's camp. Country children's recreation and educational camp year-round "Childish camp" New generation "- a non-government camp, which conducts its activities on the principles of self-repayment. It provides services for the organization of children's vacation holidays, year-round recreation and recreation for children, sanatorium recreation and rehabilitation, services for organizing holidays , conferences, competitions, tourist meetings, seminars, etc. It is located in the Perm Municipal District of the Perm Territory, is located in Occupation camps of the Perm region, they also supervised.
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06/28 2020

Ust Muscled 2

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Perm Territory, Russia, 614523
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Новое поколение, детский лагерь

New generation, children's camp | Vitrual tour

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