03/12 2017

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Virtual tour: Mauritius in the park. We drove into Casella Bird Park, and climbed the stairs to a high point, there was a great view from there, ran around, and took off not entirely spherical, but a circular panorama from fifty dollars, thanks to which the quality is very good.
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Stas Rashov
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    John Smith
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Маврикий в парке

Mauritius in the park | Vitrual tour

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Author: Stas Rashov

How to animate a panoramic photo

Some users to whom I sent links to view panoramic photos could not at first figure out how to properly rotate the panorama around me, or at first did not realize that the wheel could zoom in or out the scene.  For such cases, the True Virtual Tours website has a Video Editor feature. In case of its application, before the user who opened the panorama by the link, the script of the "flyby" invented by you immediately starts. That is, the camera rotates or focuses as you yourself previously configured. Thus, you helped our customer to quickly examine the space around "himself" in a panoramic picture and at the same time encouraged him to think that he could perform the same actions with the help of the mouse buttons or the wheel.

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