04/08 2016

Rosa Springs

Hotel Rosa Springs
14096x7048, 99.3MP
Medoveya Street 9, Estosadok, Krasnodar Territory, Russia, 354392
Andrej B-K @flyingkam
  • 07/16 2019

    Hello, Well assembled panorama - please tell me, did you collect the panorama with another prog, or did the Mavik sew it? I have 5-10-15 shoals on the panorama (inconsistencies, color, light)

  • 07/16 2019
    Andrej B-K

    This panorama was taken long before the mavik - on the Phantom 3 Pro using Litchi to automate the shooting - seemingly 35-38 frames. This was glued first in PtGui Pro, then completed with pens in Photoshop. The built-in gluing algorithms that Mavik has that any other copter can use, and in principle they are not allowed to get the normal resolution of the panorama - therefore everything is removed manually and glued by hand. At the moment I am using Mavic Air + LightRoom + PtGui + Photoshop. This is the only way to get something worthy. Resolution about 18 thousand points on the long side. Soon I'll post a series of panorms this summer from a trip to Mineralnye Vody

  • 07/16 2019

    Thank you, very informative, I collect in PanoGiga and then in Photoshop I finish)

  • today
    John Smith

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04/10 2016

360x180 panorama

Hotel Riders Lodge
14244x7122, 101.4MP
Medoveya street, 8, Estosadok, Krasnodar region, Russia, 354392
Andrej B-K @flyingkam
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