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Drons for 360° panorama

A quadcopter or quadrotor is a type of helicopter with four rotors. The small size and low inertia of drones allow the use of a particularly simple flight control system, which has greatly increased the practicality of the small quadrotor.

360° panoramas

Rishiri Island 利尻島

66CP+5W Rishirifuji, Hokkaido, Japan

PANO0001 panorama F2 20x10Aviary

W6W3+37 Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0001 panorama 18x9 Fin

st. Centralnaya, 2a, Avdotino, Moscow region, Russia, 142431

PANO959 001 panorama 20x10 Aff

W5W7+99 Toporkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO957 001 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W5W9+4M Toporkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO958 001 panorama AUTUMN LAKES

W5W8+7W Toporkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO949 001 panorama 20x10 Aff SrpLab

W6P7+8H Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO960 001 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrpC1

W5W9+2J Toporkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO948 001 panorama 20х10AffLabSrp2 copy

W6MC+G7 Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia

Tula (Kremlin) copy

st. Metallistov, 2-A, Tula, Tula region, Russia, 300041

PANO881 001 panorama 20x10 SrpLab

W6MF+85 Avdotino, Moscow region, Russia

PANO850 001 1 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

Summer cottages, Moscow region, Russia, 141140

PANO853 001 1 panorama 20x10AffLabSrp

W5W9+2R Toporkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO847 001 1 20x10NeboLabAffSrp

Summer cottages, Moscow region, Russia, 141140

PANO478 20x10 LabSrp

8862+2R Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO441 20х10Aff2LabSrp

3WRR+6W Korkino, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO238 001 panorama 20x10LabSrp

W6MG+6G Avdotino, Moscow region, Russia

PANO563 26x13 LabSrp

87HH+59 Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO561 26x13 LabSrp

87J9+J4 Karaguzheva, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO559 26x13 LabSrp

87JF+37 Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO627 001 panorama 15x8 AffDeN

st. Centralnaya, 24, Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

PANO555 20х10 LabSrp

Zarechnaya st., 21, Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia, 627180

PANO446 20х10 AffLabSrp

Karataeva st., 35, Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia, 627180

PANO448 20x10 AffLabSrpLab

878P+8Q Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO447 20х10 AffLadSrp

Zavodskaya st., 19, Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia, 627180

PANO445 20х10 AffLabSrp

876X+8X Uporovo, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO269 20х10 AffSrp

31, Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

PANO399 20x10 AffLabSrp

4X8R+33 Leskova, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO398 20x10 AffLabSrp

4X6Q+6C Leskova, Tyumen region, Russia

Fiolent St. George Monastery (Pan)

Fiolentovskoe sh., 1, Sevastopol

Cape Fiolent (pan)

GF5J+XV Sevastopol

PANO397 20x10 AffLabSrp

4X4Q+48 Leskova, Tyumen region, Russia

Korshevo House of Vera

53CM+RM Korshevo, Voronezh region, Russia

Church of the Tolga Icon of the Mother of God (Pan)

st. Dekabristov, 10, Rostov, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 152155

Church on Ishna (pan)

Bogoslov st., 2, Bogoslov, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 152120

Rostov Kremlin 3 (pan)

Sobornaya sq., 2, Rostov, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 152153

Porechye-Rybnoe (pan)

st. Leninskaya, 63, Porechie-Rybnoe, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 152128

Avraamiev Epiphany Monastery

Zhelyabovskaya st., 32, Rostov, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 152150

Barvikha estates

P8F8+35 Shulgino, Moscow region, Russia

Dulevo dacha Gali

PW5P+XQ Likino-Dulyovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0166 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6P8+6Q Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0165 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6P7+GQ Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0163 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6Q5+MM Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0162 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6Q5+93 Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0160 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R3+95 Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0158 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R2+FR Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO303 001 panorama 20x10 DeN

26b, Gromkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

PANO212 001 panorama 20x10 LabSrp

W6JH+HV Avdotino, Moscow region, Russia

PANO184 10x5 panorama LabSrp

W6XC+74 Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO187 10x5 panorama LabSrp

st. Centralnaya, 2, Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

PANO0172 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R2+GV Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

PANO0170 panorama 20x10 AffLabSrp

W6R2+HP Mednoe-Vlasovo, Moscow region, Russia

Vologda Dmitry Prilutsky

Zheleznodorozhny per., 1, Vologda, Vologda region, Russia, 160901

Totma center (pan)

st. Voroshilova, 36, Totma, Vologda region, Russia, 161300

Totma Assumption Church

Kuskova embankment, 7, Totma, Vologda region, Russia, 161300

PANO0040-2 panorama 20x10 PtgLabS

st. Centralnaya, 22, Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141144

PANO0124 20x10 AFF-Fin

X62F+23 Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

Kurba (pan) copy

Sovetskaya st., 33, Kurba, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 150533

Vologda Kremlin copy

st. Sergey Orlov, 15, Vologda, Vologda region, Russia, 160000

How to create a virtual 3D tour? Step-by-step instruction

The order is as follows: 1) upload to the site spherical panoramas from which you plan to create a virtual tour; 2) from the list of uploaded panoramas add each panorama to the virtual tour (Add to 3D tour link); 3) open the created virtual tour, edit the panorama order, select the main panorama, set transition points (tunnels).

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