05/23 2015

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Virtual tour: Monument Bronekater BK-302. It was laid in December 1943, launched in the spring of 1944, entered service on 04/30/1944, and became part of the Caspian Flotilla. 06/29/1944 transferred to the Dnieper Flotilla. He took part in the Belorussian 23.06 - 08.29.1944 and the Berlin 16.04 - 8.05.1945 offensive operations. During the Great Patriotic War, this ship participated in the Dnieper flotilla in the liberation of Belarusian cities, in 1945 its crew fought on the Western Bug and Oder rivers. From 1953 to 1960, the armored ship was part of the Danube Flotilla ... In 1964 it was transported on Amur (frightening beyond measure of zealous southern neighbors). May 5, 1975 was established on the territory of the present Northern District of Khabarovsk as a monument to Amur seamen.
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Oleg Aleksandrov
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Памятник Бронекатер БК-302

Monument to the Bronekater BK-302 | Vitrual tour

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Author: Oleg Aleksandrov

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