06/27 2015

Cape Tsagan-Khushun

Virtual tour: Baikal. Cape Tsagan-Khushun is located on Lake Baikal, opposite Olkhon Island. Its name in the Buryat language means "white stone", as it ends in a huge rock consisting of white marble. The rock is covered with red lichen, so from afar the cape seems not white, but rather orange. And opposite it, on Olkhon, there is the same white cape with the same name. Only a few rocks there.
8632x4316, 37.3MP
Andrej Versinin
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    John Smith

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05/09 2016


Virtual tour: Baikal ..
8622x4311, 37.2MP
Andrej Versinin

Somewhere near Cape Hadart.
12770x6385, 81.5MP
Ferry - Khuzhir Lane, Irkutsk Region, Russia, 666137
Andrej Versinin
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