03/31 2017

Dam Karachunovsky reservoir. Height 500 m

Virtual tour: Krivoy Rog bird's-eye view. Our city is beautiful at any time of the year. Wide avenues, cozy alleys, quiet streets, parks, squares, ponds, mining and optics, plants and factories ... All this is ours, dear. Who among us, for a long time leaving the land dear to the heart, feeling nostalgia, did not open the Internet or printed photo publications about Krivoy Rog to enjoy the cityscapes of our little homeland again and again? Which of us didn’t sigh, turning over the photos again - whether they have a small courtyard on the MOPR, fountains on the main street or the sunset over the factory pipes? The views of Krivoy Rog are beautiful. They are thousands and thousands of times captured by talented photographers in various angles, and it seems difficult to come up with something new, to surprise something ... However, do not rush. "Chervony Gіrnik" continues to delight readers with the promised novelties and surprises. We offer to look at our city and appreciate its beauty from a bird's eye view. The question "Why do people not fly like birds" is no longer relevant! Fly with us. Love our city! He is worth it!
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Igor' Kvocka
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03/13 2018

Burshtitsky dump

Virtual tour: Winter Krivoy Rog. Krivoy Rog - in the winter. Bird's-eye view
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Igor' Kvocka
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Кривой Рог с высоты птичьего полета

Krivoy Rog from a bird's eye view | Vitrual tour

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