Krivoy Rog from a bird's eye view

by Игорь Квочка

Our city is beautiful at any time of the year. Wide avenues, cozy alleys, quiet streets, parks, squares, ponds, mining and optics, plants and factories ... All this is ours, dear. Who among us, leaving the region dear to the heart for a long time, feeling nostalgia, did not open the Internet or printed photo publications about Krivoy Rog to enjoy the cityscapes of our small homeland again and again? Which of us didn’t sigh, turning over the photographs again - be there a small courtyard on the MOPR, fountains on the main street or a sunset over the factory pipes? Views of Krivoy Rog are beautiful. They are thousands and thousands of times captured by talented photographers in various angles, and it seems difficult to come up with something new, to surprise something ... However, do not rush. "Chervony Gіrnik" continues to delight readers with the promised novelties and surprises. We offer to look at our city and appreciate its beauty from a bird's eye view. The question "Why do people not fly like birds" is no longer relevant! Fly with us. Love our city! He is worth it!

Ukraina, Dnepropetrovskaa oblast', Krivoj Rog, ulica Lermontova
Publish date: 03/27 2017
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City Day 2017. Stadium "Spartacus"
Ul. Lermontov
Than breathe - 2
What do we breathe, Arcelor?
Over the river Saksagan. Artem
Palace of Culture. Artema
Boulevard Evening
Dnepropetrovsk highway
Panorama with explosion. SOUTH
Bus station
Circus. KTU. Anthill. 180 meters
SOUTH. The neighborhood between the quarries
Mershavtsev's Park. Stadium Spartacus titles
The Martian Chronicles of South Ossetia
City in the road loop. The Ingulza river bed
Between three quarries
Fog over the city. Dzerzhinka
Evening Sotsgorod. Circus. Anthill. KTU
The Volgograd. View of the 95th quarter
Chervonaya station
Over the mine is a giant-deep
Burshitsky dump. Belelyubsky Bridge
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    John Smith
  • 09/05 2021

    Very nice Igor, greetings from The Netherlands :) I have done a similar tour, viewing my city from above. My city is not as big as Krivoy Rog, but also beautiful. Maye you like to see, the city of Zevenaar, it is hosted on my own website, you can find it here:

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