04/23 2015

"Far view" of the museum.

Virtual tour: Station "Leo Tolstoy" of the Lipetsk region. Full panoramic tour will be placed in the virtual museums of Russia. On this museum 16 panoramas were shot. The weather was not very suitable for working outside. It was an urgent order - there was no time to catch the weather. Lots of white snow - background. Soft light - "soft".
10000x5000, 50.0MP
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    John Smith
  • 02/25 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Thank you for your work. Are the panoramas from this tour also shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV? I wonder what was used obktiv, panoramic head and a tripod. Than stitched panorama. Thanks again

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Станция «Лев Толстой» Липецкой области

Station "Leo Tolstoy" Lipetsk region | Vitrual tour

Number of panoramas: 8
Views count: 2
Author: Shevchenko

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