Reportage photography. Place of work - Ministry of Finance. Panoramas as a great hobby with periodic material rewards. The latest panoramas are shot on the Canon 5D Mark IV. Immediately in HDR + \ - 3 steps. This greatly simplifies the process of obtaining

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Virtual tours 360°

UNION MULTIFILM January - 2017

Rossia, Moskva, Dolgorukovskaa ulica, 25

Station "Leo Tolstoy" Lipetsk region

Rossia, Lipeckaa oblast', Lev-Tolstovskij rajon, poselok Lev Tolstoj, Privokzal'naa ulica, 13

International School in Armenia UWC February 2017

Armenia, Dilizan, ulica Emma Caturan


360° panoramas

Entrance to the studio Soyuz-Cartoon. January 2017
The room where Tolstoy died.
Museum of glass in Vladimir. The customer is the Ministry of Culture. August 2014.
Ladder flight
Steam locomotive memorial
2 Floor - Corridor
Puppet workshop - in the cupboards heroes of the GOFMANIADA
UWC Dilijan Arminia