02/19 2017


Virtual tour: the Village continued .. + Nikolaevka + Pike And much more. Completed transitions.
11610x5805, 67.4MP
  • today
    John Smith
  • 03/12 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Good afternoon, Alexey! In this virtual tour you have more than 70 panoramas. Thank you so much for sharing them. Could you specify the exact location on the map for each of your panoramas? Now all the panoramas in one place that you specified for the virtual tour from the old version of the spherical: https://yadi.sk/i/fUBaSi2QDUk5uA Thank you in advance!

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Деревня продолжение.

The village continues. | Vitrual tour

Number of panoramas: 74
Views count: 3
Author: Aleksej

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