At the peat lake

by Юрий Спасенников

The panorama was taken in October in the Moscow region. Against the backdrop of autumn beauty, I wanted to show how difficult it is for a fisherman to get to his cherished place on the lake.

W5W8+6G Toporkovo, Moskovskaa oblast', Rossia
Publish date: 04/18 2022
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@ 1Z9A7595 Panorama 8x4-65

W5W7+8C Toporkovo, Moscow region, Russia

1Z9A7442 Panorama 8х4-65

W5W9+4P Toporkovo, Moscow region, Russia

1Z9A7565 1 Panorama 8х4-65

X632 + 2V Mizinovo, Moscow region, Russia

1Z9A7472 3 4 Panorama 8Х4-65-HOR

Dachi, Moscow region, Russia, 141140

1Z9A7412 Panorama 8x4-65

Dachi, Moscow region, Russia, 141140

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