Walks in Magnitogorsk.

by Le-x
Rossia, Celabinskaa oblast', Magnitogorsk, Oktabr'skaa ulica, 10
Publish date: 12/16 2015
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ul. Builders 26, 28
ul. Kuibyshev - Kalinin. Yard.
Directions to the street. October. Sadik.
School number 53. Stadium.
Directions ул. Kuibyshev - October.
ul. Kalinina, 3/1, 3/2. Yard.
Directions to the street. October, 12.
ul. October, 10. Courtyard behind the house.
ul. Oktyabrskaya, 12. The yard
ul. October, 10.
ul. October, 11, 13. The yard
October Square * Frying Pan *
ul. October, 11 - Chapaeva, 30. The yard.
ul. Chapaeva, 30. The yard.
Ordzhonikidze Square. Monument
st Chapaeva. Ordzhonikidze Square.
At the park Chapaeva. (* Gourmand *)
ul. Kalinin, 1. The yard.
Square Chapaeva. By the central flower bed.
Square Chapaeva. At the monument to the builders of Magnitka
Ave Metallurgists. At the park Chapaeva.
School number 53. Schoolyard.
ul. Kuibyshev - st. Kalinin.
ul. Kalinin. School number 51.
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