by Vladislav Sokolov
The city is located not far (about 4 km) from the right bank of the Usa River, from which it got its name, 61 km from the Arctic Circle, 757 km northeast of the city of Syktyvkar.
Rossia, Respublika Komi, Usinsk, ulica Neftanikov
Publish date: 06/07 2015
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City square (Winter)
Mosquito monument (Winter)
Fountain (Winter)
The Ice Palace "Dawn" (Winter)
Fountain (Summer)
Monument to oilman
Ice Palace "Dawn" (Summer)
Area them. A.M. BOSAIC
Church of the Resurrection
 Church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Softening the Evil Hearts"
Trail of health
Trail of health
Trail of health
Trail of health
Trail of health
Mi-6 helicopter
Monument to the patrol motorcycle of the State Automobile Inspectorate of the USSR
Monument "Three Warriors", Usinsk
Mosquito monument (Summer)
City square (Summer)
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