Yenisei Island: panoramas


Panorama from the quadrocopter DJI MAVIC AIR. Island Khloptunovsky opposite the village Khloptunovo, Yenisei. Kilometers 70 downstream from Krasnoyarsk.
8192x4096, 33.6MP
May Day street, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia, 663054
Antiz @antiz


The mouth of the Angara River. Settlement Strelka, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Panorama removed from quadcopter, from a height of 500 meters. The uniqueness of the photograph is that the Yenisei is already without ice, and the Angara is still covered wit...
20018x10013, 200.4MP
Pristanskaya ul., 3a, Strelka, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, 663140
Antiz @antiz

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Yenisei Island

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Number of panoramas: 2
Creators: Antiz