03/18 2017

View of the hiking trail

Virtual tour: Kazym ethnographic museum. The whole complex faithfully reproduces the picture of the traditional way of life of the indigenous population and is very popular among residents and guests of the Beloyarsky district. The names and works of narrators, folklorists, ethnographers, artists, masters of arts and crafts of Kazym are well known in the district. To live in the North means to exist in harmony with nature. Since ancient times, the northern peoples kept vital ethnic information in the forms of religion (beliefs) and art (folklore), thus taking care of their constant presence in life. Sections of the exposition “Beliefs and Rites”, “Ethnicity”, “Painting” will acquaint museum visitors with the cultural heritage of the Ob-Ugric peoples. Products of birch bark, wood, leather, and bone are of particular artistic value; clothes made of fur and cloth, decorated with beads. All presented types of women's clothing are ornamented. Ornament, as an important part of folk culture, is a means of expressing artistic taste, national peculiarities of the people, their worldview.
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Казымский этнографический музей

Kazymsky ethnographic museum | Vitrual tour

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