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by Evgenij Listuk
Virtual tour: Kogalym Museum and Exhibition Center. The Museum and Exhibition Center is a modern cultural and communicative platform of the city, on the basis of which interesting exhibition and educational and entertainment projects are implemented: the program “Wedding in the Museum”, “Birthday in the Museum”, Days of National Culture, the game “Museum Quest”, creative master classes and interactive activities for visitors of different ages. The stationary exposition of the museum is a single, harmonious combination of rare museum collections, the latest multimedia technologies and original design solutions, giving the look of the museum a unique look. The open exhibition space reveals a picture of the North: the iridescent northern lights, the riches of nature, the culture, life and traditions of the unique indigenous people of the North - the Khanty.       The unusual feature of the exposition is that it is equipped with modern multimedia equipment, which accompanies thematic exposition blocks with interactive programs and bright informative videos about the construction of Kogalym, cultural and natural resources and people of the city, about the development of the industrial sphere. The pride of the exhibition is a collection of rare museum exhibits: a collection of lamps from the fourth to twelfth centuries, samovars, kerosene lamps, and others. It also contains symbols of the human conqueror of the northern territories: a pioneer tent, a passenger railway carriage, and a piece of Ermak.
Shooting date: 06/17 2015
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Museum and Exhibition Center of Kogalym

Rossia, Hanty-Mansijskij avtonomnyj okrug, Kogalym, ulica Druzby Narodov, 40

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    Evgenij Listuk

    I was a bit late with the answer ... filmed on a width of 10-20 mm - there are three rows of 8 frames + zenith and nadir = at least 26

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    Круто, сколько кадров?

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