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by Олег Александров

Virtual Tour: Square of Glory. On the high bank of the Amur is the youngest city square - the Square of Glory, opened on the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. It is located in the central part of the city, on a high hill, approaching the wide Amur. Adjacent to it is one of the main streets of the city - Lenin Street. In the center of the square rises a 30-meter obelisk of three pylons. On them are the names of Khabarovsk - Heroes of socialist labor and gentlemen of the Order of Glory. In the upper part of the obelisk there is a metal plate, on which one can see a banner flying, topped with a five-pointed star (symbol of military feat) and a sickle with a hammer (symbol of labor feat). Below is a laurel branch. By the 40th anniversary of the Great Victory, the central building of the memorial complex was built - a memorial wall covering a podium in a semicircle, in the center of which the Eternal Flame was lit. Over time, pylons appeared here, where the names of 32,662 inhabitants of the region who did not return from the war are carved.   Source: http: // Type = special & ELEMENT_ID = 108308

Publish date: 10/10 2015
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The Square of Glory

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