Rostokinsky aqueduct

by Андрей Б-К

Virtual tour: Rostokinsky aqueduct. The Rostokinsky aqueduct is a hydraulic engineering structure of the liquidated Mytishchi water pipeline, the only remaining aqueduct of the five built for this system [1]. Passes over the valley of the river Yauza [2], built in 1783–1784 [3]. Rostokinskiy aqueduct is known under the unofficial name "Millionth Bridge" [1]. Although some authors indicate that only 1 million rubles was spent on the construction of an aqueduct [4], in reality a comparable amount was allocated from the state budget for the construction of the entire water supply system [2]. The aqueduct was used for its intended purpose until 1902, after which it served 60 years as a support for the water mains, and from 1962 to 2004 it was used for the heating main. Since 2007, Rostokinsky aqueduct, converted into a pedestrian bridge, has been the main attraction of the capital’s recreation park. In 1960, he was counted as an architectural monument of national importance [5].

pr-d Kadomtsev, possession 1 building 1, Moscow, Russia, 129128
Publish date: 07/11 2018
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