Monument to Erofei Pavlovich Khabarov

by Олег Александров

Virtual tour: Khabarovsk railway station and a monument to Erofey Khabarov. At the station square there is a monument to explorer E. P. Khabarov, after whom the city is named. The monument to the sculptor A. P. Milchin was opened on May 29, 1958, 2 days before the century of the city. The decision to create it was made five years earlier - in 1953 by the Khabarovsk city executive committee. The sculpture of Yerofey Pavlovich Khabarov Abram Peisakhovich Milchin began working in the early 1950s. A small height sculpture was made by him as a creative work and exhibited at the All-Union Art Exhibition. When there was a question about the creation of a monument to Khabarov, it was decided to accept the sculpture molded by Milchin as the basis of the monument. Work on the performance of the statue continued until February 1958, when they began to cast plaster molds of its individual parts. All the molding work was completed in mid-March, and the finished molds were sent to the art casting plant in the suburban town of Mytischi.

There can be no talk of portrait resemblance to Khabarov, for not only any images, but also the appearance description of Yerofey Pavlovich is not available in archival documents. Khabarov is depicted rising on a rock and peering into the Amur distance. In his left hand, a scroll with records is clamped, and his right hand supports the floor of a fur coat slipping from the shoulder. On the front side of the pedestal there is an inscription: “To Yerofey Pavlovich Khabarov”, and just below the word: “On the day of the 100th anniversary of the city of Khabarovsk. 1858-1958. The height of the sculpture is 4.5 meters, and the total height with a pedestal is 11.5 meters.  Source:

Publish date: 10/10 2015
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The railway station of Khabarovsk and the monument to Erofey Khabarov

Rossia, Habarovsk, Leningradskaa ulica, 58

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