04/26 2019

Aleta S2C 360 camera - outdoor sunny afternoon

7 bracketed shot HDR first try. Sunny afternoon, commercial area
11520x5760, 66.4MP
No. 89, Tongde 6th Street, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 330
Aleta S2C 360 camera
  • today
    John Smith
  • Aleta S2C is little heavy, SKIER VM-149' s 3 feet are not strong enough, so we changed the feet to QZSD Q166A .

  • 05/03 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Thanks for the answer! I wonder why not use only SKIER VM-149?

  • As for the tripod we are using, actually, we combined two parts (top monopod + bottom Tripod) from two manufactures.
    Top :
    SKIER VM-149 http://www.skier.com.tw/web/en/Products/products_content.jsp?gs_id=GS1430378920682&chk_who=content&isPage=true#1
    Bottom :
    QZSD Q166A

  • 05/02 2019
    Roman Grinev

    What tripod are you used to take these photos? Could you add tags with its name?

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