05/15 2019

Coldwater Lake

He came up to shoot a panorama by putting a tripod with a camera on the stump of a tree felled after a volcanic eruption. It is noteworthy that not far from the stump there was a goose who safely flew away before the moment when the camera could be started. The frame shows how he flies back home.
11520x5760, 66.4MP
Spirit Lake Hwy, Toutle, WA 98649, USA
Roman Grinev
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05/17 2019

Coldwater Lake

A quiet calm evening, light ripples of Coldwater Lake, the last warm rays of the setting sun - all this creates an indescribable atmosphere. Ahead of us is waiting for the return route.
14304x7152, 102.3MP
Tautle, Washington 98649, United States
Roman Grinev
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Пеший маршрут по берегу озера Колдуотер

Walking route along the shore of Coldwater Lake | Vitrual tour

Number of panoramas: 18
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Author: Roman Grinev

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