12/17 2020

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The view from the window varies greatly depending on the season. Today I will tell you what can be seen from my window. If you look at the very bottom, then where there used to be green bushes, only branches remain. Sparrows love to sit on them. Next is the sidewalk. In winter, after the thaw, it sometimes turns into an ice path and the janitors have to pour sand on it so that people can walk comfortably. There is a line of trees after the sidewalk. If in summer they hide neighboring houses, then in winter they become almost transparent. Further there are neighboring houses across the road. These are old five-story buildings.
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College named after Suleiman Demirel, Almaty 050060, Kazakhstan
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    John Smith
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вид улицы с балкона 8 этажа

street view from the balcony of the 8th floor | Vitrual tour

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Виртуальный тур моего дома

Virtual tour of my house | Vitrual tour

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