11/19 2019

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A natural, non-drug method of healing in an artificially recreated microclimate of salt caves. Lucky breeze salt cave - a room in which the walls and floor are covered with salt, and during the session, using special equipment, the air is filled with dry ionized salt aerosol, similar in its effect on the body to sea air Comfortable chairs- for maximum relaxation and rest from the bustle of the modern pace of life. Children during the session can play or watch cartoons, the opportunity to delve into the salt like in a sandbox will be appreciated. Kids under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult. A friendly administrator is always ready to help with the organization of your wellness leisure in our Lucky breeze cave. Convincing request: -for sessions to be recorded in advance by phone, without recording, the service is provided subject to availability; - arrive at the sessions on time, late for more than 5 minutes are not allowed into the cave, since the opened door violates the fragile microclimate of the salt room and reduces the quality of the session. +7 (920) 342-17-88
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st. Renaissance, 18, Furmanov, Ivanovo Region, Russia, 155520
Andrey Nikolaev
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