03/11 2017

The Court of Matvey Casimir Sarbevia

Virtual tour: Vilnius University. The frescoes in the lobby Lituanistiki - The murals are a cycle of "The Seasons", created in 1976-1985 by the artist Petras Repkis. Here are depicted scenes and symbols from Lithuanian mythology, reflecting an archaic vision of the world. In the center there is a kind of gravestone; this is an alternate perception of the Divine Mother. Large yard - It is a complex of buildings of various periods and styles united into a single whole. The foundation of the Church of St. John was laid in the 14th century, the northern and western buildings were built in the 16th century, and the bell tower in 17. Vilnius Church of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist as a parish founded by the citizens in 1386. The building was originally built in the Gothic style, but after large fires in the 18th century it was reconstructed in the late Baroque style. Next to the church is a 68-meter bell tower of square section. The bell tower was erected in the 18th century, and in 2011 it was restored and opened to tourists. Frescoes on the facades of the northern and western buildings depict the emblem of the university, portraits of Bishop Valery Protasiewicz, King Augustus II Strong, Stanislav Augustus Poniatowski and other founders of the college and university.
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Вильнюсский университет

Vilnius University | Vitrual tour

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