05/01 2019

aqua WC v2 360 0001 Post

Panorama of the bathroom in the new apartment from the Studio "City House" Visualization done by vapoint.ru
8000x4000, 32.0MP
Vapoint @vapoint
  • 05/02 2019
    Roman Grinev

    I wonder if this is 3D visualization, then why is the RICOH THETA S equipment tag indicated?

  • 05/02 2019

    The novel, because this parameter is registered there artificially by me through the file, because Without this indication, the cameras on Facebook cannot determine whether it is panorama or not.

  • 05/02 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Thanks for the answer and for the panorama. Can you then manually remove this tag from the panorama setting? Instead, add the tag of the program in which you created the visualization. thank

  • today
    John Smith

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