2nd floor cafe

by Андрей Вершинин

Virtual tour: Cafe "Height 900". "Height 900" - a unique panoramic cafe. It is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level and about 500 above the surface of the world's largest reserve of fresh water. Guests of Sobolina Mountain can not only admire the amazing view of 1/6 of Baikal and the surrounding area, which opens from the observation deck, but also warm up, eat tasty food and order drinks. In a two-story building with fully transparent walls on an area of more than 0.5 thousand square meters. m settled down two institutions. On the ground floor, guests of the resort will be able to have a thorough snack - there is a distribution desk, where guests of the cafe choose food. On the second floor there is a bar counter - guests can order drinks and snacks here. But you cannot "get rid of" the first or the second floor from the stunning view outside the window!

Publish date: 08/26 2015
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Cafe "Height 900"

Rossia, Irkutskaa oblast', Sludanskij rajon, Bajkal'sk, kanatnaa doroga Gora Sobolinaa

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