03/27 2023

Question: the possibility of earning on panoramas

Question: Is it interesting for anyone to earn money by stitching panoramas?

Roman Grinev



I noticed that they periodically try to upload individual "non-stitched" photos to the panorama on the site. And recently I also discovered that many people also offer their services for stitching panoramas from individual photos.

Therefore, the question arose whether there are those on this site who would be interested in the possibility of earning money by assembling panoramas from individual photos. If yes, you could check if it will work. For example, on the page for downloading panoramas, it would be possible to place a button offering a professional assembly of panoramas from individual photos, which would lead to a page with a list of contacts of people offering such services.

What can you say, is this an interesting opportunity? Does it need to be implemented?

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    John Smith