07/26 2021

Access rules to 360 ° panoramas, 3D tours, and articles

This article contains information about the rules for accessing 360° panoramas, articles, and other materials on the TrueVitrualTours website.

Roman Grinev

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This article contains information about the rules for accessing 360° panoramas, articles, and other materials on the TrueVitrualTours website.

Access TypeWho can viewPublication in sections of the site*Publishing to third-party*
DraftPanorama Author OnlyUser DraftsUnavailable
UnlistedAnyone who has a link to a panoramaAvailable by user panorama linkAvailable
PublishedAny user"Published" section and also on the mapAvailable
  • today
    John Smith
  • 10/14 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Aero.krym.work and Notary Dubna. Now on the page "Refill balance, prices" a simple and visual calculator for the cost of placing panoramas and virtual tours is available - https://truevirtualtours.com/site/prices

  • 09/25 2019
    Roman Grinev

    I think you need to put some kind of visual calculator so that Lego can see how many panoramas and tours can be placed for a certain number of coins.

  • 07/16 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Aero.krym.work, thanks for commenting. I can say that even with very active use of the site, it is not easy enough to spend more than 100 coins per month. If you publish panoramas on the site, rather than adding them to unpublished ones, then the costs will generally be minimal.

  • 07/16 2019

    Mdja ... what is it that the guys namudr ... it is clear that the server is worth the money, but it is so dull ... make $ 5-10-15 per month and additional services, and so what ...

  • 07/06 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read the article, study the work of the site and comment. It is not necessary to keep the balance in mind if you publish panoramas on the site, but if you have already decided to leave it unpublished, then it is not so scary. Similar microtransactions are used in Amazon Web Services. Thank you for wanting to post an article. You can post it if it is not openly advertising. I would be very grateful if you publish the experience of using the 360 camera. The functionality of the articles is still very raw but you can find it if you go to your profile page, and then in the left column you will find the "Articles" menu. Then in the middle column at the top - "Add an article." Since moderation is not yet configured for articles, publish the article as soon as it is fully prepared. If you send me a link to your article in one of the groups of our social networks as soon as it is ready and the article is acceptable for posting on the site a certain amount of bonus coins will be credited to your account. thank

  • 07/05 2019
    Notarius Dubna

    Friends well, you naverteli. I wanted to use your service to place the interior of the office in the full view panorama. And you have a daily placement fee with payment by internal piastres. I'd rather post on the site Three.js a library for $ 5. Than another balance to keep in mind. Good luck in the hard work of microtransactions. I would have written an article about experience Essential PH-1 with a 360 camera. Yes, I did not find such functionality in your "social network"