02/25 2024

Info point window size

When you click on an information point, you can show a dialog box (four sizes are available), open a link, or show information in full screen.

Roman Grinev

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At the moment, 3 options are available on how to open information from an information point. 

1. Dialog window

You can choose from 4 window sizes from small to extra large. 

2. Link

If a link is specified in the information point and no other information is added, then when you click on the information point, the link will be opened. The link opens in the same window.

3. Full screen - slider

Information from the information point can also be opened for the full screen. At the same time, all content such as images, videos, YouTube videos, built-in modules, as well as text and links will be shown a full screen with the ability to scroll back and forth. 


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