03/23 2023

How to increase the balance of coins on TrueVirtualTours

There are several ways to increase the balance of coins in your account. Answer questions about the quality of 360° panoramas. Post links to your virtual tours or post articles.

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Как повысить баланс монет на TrueVirtualTours

There are several ways to increase the balance of coins in your account.

1. Submit articles on virtual tours and spherical panoramas

The article editor is now fixed and you can easily add articles like this to the TrueVirtualTours website. You can write, for example, a review of the equipment or software that you used to create virtual tours, tips on how to shoot better panoramas. There are also other possible topics for articles:

  • How do I create a virtual tour?
  • How to stitch a panorama from individual photos?
  • How to embed a virtual tour or spherical panorama on your website or blog?
  • The functionality of the TrueVirtualTours website to create virtual tours.

For more detailed information about how many coins you can earn on posing articles, you can learn here

2. Buy extra coins

This method cannot be called free, but it allows you to replenish your balance very quickly. In addition, by buying coins, you help in the development of this site.

Thank you so much for your help with the site!

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    John Smith
  • 03/07 2023
    Roman Grinev

    Silver Stone Project, the problem should be fixed. Send me a private message if the problem persists. Thank you

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  • Good afternoon I paid for the start fare. The balance has been replenished, but when the tariff is activated, the error "Server error" pops up

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  • 02/15 2023
    Maksimov Oleg

    Is there an alternative for payments from Russia? USDT? SBP?

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  • 01/14 2023

    I can't subscribe :(

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  • 12/16 2022
    Roman Grinev

    Ruslanafasizhev, Zembahtin.pasha thanks for the questions.
    Due to the restriction of bank transfers between countries, payment by bank cards from Russia and Belarus may not be available at the moment.

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  • 11/30 2022

    art payments are not going through

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  • 11/24 2022

    Unable to pay subscription!

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